For thousands of Arizona commuters, the drive to work is already long enough. With traffic snarls a regular occurrence, the last thing they want to hear is their commute will take even longer. However, if they take Interstate 10 to work, that is exactly what may be happening. Plans are in place to widen I-10, which will mean the sight of the temporary highway barrier will become a common one. These barriers are used when traffic is diverted to a road that doesn’t normally house two-way traffic. For instance, if construction begins on a two-lane highway, workers will begin on one side of the road. On the other side, a barrier will be put up, essentially turning the road into a one-lane highway. In the short-term, this will make traffic much worse. If the road is widened, however, the construction will open things up considerably.

The Phoenix precast concrete market is a fairly robust one, with the boom of construction in the past few years. There are all sorts of projects that require precast concrete, from commercial to residential projects. And with all the new infrastructure that has been built, there is a big demand for concrete. The same is true for road construction. When a large stretch of highway is being created, if traffic is being diverted, those barriers may be needed. If the project is several miles long, you can imagine what sort of demand that will bring. Of course, in some cases these barriers are totally necessary. A simple traffic cone or barrel may not be enough. With a barrier, the chance of a car coming from the opposite direction and crossing into oncoming traffic is basically none.

While the local department of transportation will likely have some barriers in inventory, for a massive project, they may not have enough to meet the demand. And if there are simply too many projects, that can increase demand past the supply as well. And if you’re talking about I-10, Phoenix is not the only city that is potentially affected by construction. The highway goes through Tucson as well, so Tucson precast concrete may see a spike if construction makes its way there. Of course, residents of Tucson may not want construction to get that far. After all, even though it is nice when it is done, taking twice as long every day to get to work isn’t something that most people would look forward to.

Source by Alice Lane