After viewing so many properties in Arizona with so many clients, it seems several buyers want the same common things in a home. If there are four homes in the same general area with the same exact floor plan, same price, and same amenities, what is going to separate the homes in the buyers mind? The answers are simple, but commonly overlooked by the seller.

The first and most important attribute a buyer is looking for in a home is usually cleanliness. A buyer typically wants a clean home. The rooms should be mopped and sparkling, no stains in the carpets, base boards dust free, windows clean, pool clear, landscaping flawless, and air filters clean. It might be a good idea to spend two hundred dollars on a good cleaning lady before a seller puts their home on the market. With the current market conditions, sellers need all the help they can get.

A buyer notices almost everything when looking at homes. They know if the home was well kept or poorly maintained. When a buyer decides to purchase a home, they want to know that they are buying a quality piece of property. Many buyers lift up the toilet seats to see if the underneath of the seat is stained, they run their fingers across the counter tops to see if dust has collected, they look in all the kitchen cabinets to make sure there are no old crumbs, turn on the shower to check water pressure, and use all their senses to make a decision on a home.

Which house would you buy, a home that smells like roses or a home that smells like cat urine? A home that has pet stains or a home that has perfect carpet? A home that has weeds growing everywhere or a home that is landscaped properly? A home that has holes in the wall from all of the teenagers posters, or a home that has nice uniform paint.

Creativity is usually a good thing, but a purple and yellow painted room may not be what the buyer is looking for. If a seller decides to paint the inside of a home dramatic colors, it may be a good idea to restore the paint to it's original color. There has been so many times where the colors of the home drve the buyer away. There is no right answer here, but a master bedroom painted black and orange may drive a buyer away.

When a buyer walks into a home, they want the home to feel like it may be their. If there is wedding pictures blasted all over the family room it makes the buyer feel like the home belongs to someone else. Pictures are wonderful to have and to put up in a home, but while a home is for sale, it might be a good idea to replace the wedding pictures with a nice picture of a pretty mountain or something along those lines. Like a nice hotel room, try to make the home appealing to everyone.

There are many things that a buyer is looking for in a home, and many things a seller can do to make the home more appealing to potential buyers. All of the items above are strictly opinions. None of the above mentioned items will guarantee the sale of a home, or guarantee appreciation of a home. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in Real Estate. If you are looking for an experienced, educated, aggressive, and knowledgeable Realtor in Arizona, please visit the website below. The one guarantee that can be make is that your best interests will be represented if you choose to use the real estate agent that created this article. The website below is the first place you want to go when thinking about buying or selling a home in Arizona. Please visit the link below to find out more.

Source by Nick McConnell