If you love golf almost as much as you love your wife, then you need to head out to Spring Valley, Nevada. The community is one of the largest golf oriented communities in the country. There are beautifully lush greens located near the Nevada mountains. This community is simply something to admire from near and afar.

One great thing about Spring Valley, Nevada is that if you choose to live there, you can live course side. There are several subdivisions that sit directly on a golf course. They include both town homes and regular single family homes, so you can choose. Many people choose to purchase the town home for their vacation home and will travel there to play golf each year.

Even if your wife and kids do not play golf, they can still enjoy the swimming pools and parks near these subdivisions. So, there is really something for everyone when you visit Spring Valley, Nevada. In the evening, after it gets too dark to golf, you can take a nice drive to the Las Vegas Strip to check out the excitement and lights. You might even want to hit the casino or a show while you are there.

So, if you love the Vegas area and love to play golf, it only makes sense to come to Spring Valley, Nevada and have the best of both! You will be able to relax by day and be entertained by night. After all, why stay in the city when you can relax near the greens?

Source by Shirley Simmons