Do you want to follow the lead of First Lady Michelle Obama but you do not know how to begin? Here are some ideas on how to start a home kitchen garden so that you can have one just like at the White House.

A home kitchen garden is actually not an original idea from the first lady; it actually goes back to the Middle Ages when it is very essential to have gardens for crops to serve to the monarchy and the estate. At present, a lot of people support gardening and it is very fortunate that the White House is promoting it.

There are three requirements for the place where you are going to setup your garden.

1. the place must be sunny
2. The water supply must be proximate
3. The soil must be fertile and finely cultured

You may also add protection to your crops such as fines or walls. This will restrain stray animals from getting into your products and can also control the entry of wind. Too much wind may affect the activity of pollinators, so it is best that you have such defense just in case. You may add these parts artistically to live up with the early style of gardening.

Locate your home kitchen garden just outside the kitchen door to make it feel more like part of the kitchen – that is basically the idea. It is like stepping into a huge cupboard whenever you need any ingredients.

You can now choose which crop to start with. A lot of beginners do tomatoes, but it would still depend on your preference. You may do research on the most common grown kitchen garden fruits and vegetable or you may just opt ​​for the ones that are in season locally.

Starting your own home kitchen garden is not difficult because there are many people that are willing to help you, you may count on the Mrs. Obama for that.

Source by Melissa McKyler