The blizzards, snow storms and shoveling can take its toll on the human psyche, yet there is a way to ditch the weather and become a snow bird, taking off to a warm climate for the winter. There are many great ways to find the right vacation home or vacation home rental, but first you need to do your home work, because not all neighborhoods are the same and not all vacation homes are created equally. You see, you must have a strategy and plan because it's imperative that you get it right the first go around.

So, let us discuss the location first, as in the city. I recommend the West Coast of Florida, unless you are wanting to spend a lot of money and compete for more expensive places on the East Coast of Florida. The weather in Florida in the Winter Time is divine, no Hurricanes and a very relaxed atmosphere. Another great choice is sunny Southern California, or a desert lifestyle in California such as Palm Springs or Palm Desert CA. Some would rather enjoy those beautiful sunsets in Arizona and place like Scottsdale might be just the ticket, others like the lower costs of areas like Tucson, AZ.

Since the snowbirds flock to such areas, the locals have everything ready and are expecting folks to come for the winter and therefore, all the amenities are in place, the local bank branches are expecting you and the entire community caters to your needs, as they know you bring in revenue, which means jobs and a strong economy. So, consider all this when you choose your next winter vacation home rental or vacation home purchase.

Source by Lance Winslow