A commercial carpet can be made from grass or a textile floor covering or even loom-woven. The earliest people covered their floor using animal skins, woven reed mats, and grass. The solid carpets were easy to carry and placed over the sand floor of the tent dwelling. It consist of decorated pile yarns, synthetic yarns, and synthetic polymers. All yarns that have been used in making carpet are washed, steamed, and let to dry.

The completed carpet is brushed, vacuumed, steamed, before it is run though a machine that cuts off any bunch that rise above its uniform surface. The totally finished carpet will be rolled into 130-foot length then packed in a well-built plastic. Then, it is shipped either to retail carpet stores or to the manufacturers.

Advantages of installing commercial carpet
– Carpeting is much frailer than other firm surface flooring.
– Carpeting is great under the feet, adds extra warmth and softness on the knees.
– Carpeting may be put virtually anywhere in the house.
– Carpeting is less expensive and much smaller to install than hard surface products.

Types of Commercial Carpet Stores or Shops
o Tucson Commercial Carpet – This attractive commercial carpet store serves the commercial and residential flooring needs of entire South Arizona. They have a helpful and friendly sales staff that serves your flooring needs. They offer free delivery, window treatment, and free installation of carpet. It is located at # 2424 E, Grant Road Tucson, Arizona. For more information about their product, call them at this number 520-795-4222 or fax at 520-795-4952.

o Simon Commercial Carpet – They provide quality carpet products, services and advice about how to take care of it. It is a part of the National Flooring Group in the United States. They also have a service in assessing the customer in choosing floor coverings and installing floor preparation like leveling, ramping, patching, and moister barriers and grinding. It is also supplying and installing carpet tiles, vinyl sheeting, broad loom carpets, floating floors and sports floorings. The Simon commercial carpet is situated at # 605 Kingsford Smith Drive Eagle Farm Melbourne, Australia. Call them at 07-3268-7555or fax at 07-3268-7666.

o Modular Designs Commercial Carpet – This beautiful store provides total flooring solutions in your house. It offers carpet installation, carpet replacement, entryway mats, maintenance for furniture and flooring. Their product is more about flooring such as tiles, commercial and residential carpet. They have a program to teach their customer in creating carpets from recycled carpet. It is located at # 1070 Tunnel Road Ashville, North Carolina.

o Eastside and Seattle Commercial Carpet and Flooring Cleaning – This shop serves most of the Seattle office buildings, business buildings, schools, motels and hotels. Their sales staff helps the customer in buying the best carpet that fits in their house. It offers cleaning materials for floors, high quality carpets, and maintenance for carpets. It is located at # 245 Boulevard Street, Seattle. For home service, call them at (425) 786-2002 for floor cleaning service.

o Michael's Commercial Carpet Store – This is your one-stop discount store in carpet as well as a wholesale flooring headquarters. It offers the right flooring solutions for your carpet, hardwood vinyl and other flooring materials. It also offers tiles such as natural wood tile, butterscotch tile and gunstock tile at a discounted price. The store is open from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 am to 5:30 am. For more information, call them at 1-800-331-3989. It is located at Dalton, Georgia.

o Bigelow Commercial Carpet Shop – This unique shop offers the best carpet around at a very low price. It offers high quality products such as broad loom carpet collections and modular carpet collection. It has a home service for broken tiles, window vinyl, and carpets. This commercial carpet store is the only store that has a traditional look for carpets and tiles. It is located at the heart of the United States. For more information regarding their product call them at 1-423-78554.

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