Go green with eco-friendly homes

With the awareness of going green, many builders, architects and designers are working on the aspects of an eco-friendly home. This is promoted by the growth in technology and as a result modern building concepts are emerging that incorporates green elements in every home. These eco-friendly homes are built with installing green elements, keeping in mind about its presentability as well as the appeal that every homeowners will seek for when designing for their dream homes.

However, this green building concept has been accepted by many building sectors, but it is still not clear to the common people about constituting a green home as well as its type of structures. These type of eco-friendly homes are not only beneficial for your health but also ensures overall well being of your entire family. To top it all, an eco-friendly home can be financially viable to you.

When building a green home, only toxin free building materials are used. These materials are free from all the harmful pollutants that are generally present in a conventional dwelling. These harmful pollutants give rise to ailments like asthma, cancer and many other deadly diseases. One of the most common toxin free materials used in an eco-friendly house is Linoleum. It is made from linseed oil, jute as well as straw board that are made from wheat along with insulating material made from recycled paper or old denims and even from soybeans.

Apart from being healthy, you can also maintain the costs if you buy an eco-friendly home. It is a cheaper means than a standard home. Although the initial investments will be a bit high but in the long-run, green homes will help you to save the extra amount of money that you would probably spend on a traditional home for its renovation and other requirements. With a savings of 40% on your electricity bills and 50% on your water bill along with 40% less energy consumption on the home appliances, there is no better option you can ask for. Other than savings, an eco-friendly home is very durable than a normal dwelling that requires renovation from time to time in order to avoid damages. All these factors are making eco-friendly homes, a perfect choice for your family.

Source by Riya C