Newly weds have to deal with a lot of important decisions. One of these is deciding where to live. If the couple is planning on raising a family, they have to think carefully about their housing location. Do they want to invest in a cheap, part time home or a nice child-safe home with Plano fencing? A Plano fence is great for kids and dogs. Things that need to be kept in consideration while buying a house are the surrounding area, size, and amount of renovation it will need. Most newly weds don't have a lot of money right of the bat, so huge issues with the house will have to wait a few years.

The community a new couple that plans on raising a family moves is critical. It will affect where they send their children to school, how they grow up and other important factors in their children's and their lives. Better communities tend to have better public school systems. With good public school systems, the couple can save thousands of dollars each year in schooling. Also, if you don't move into a good neighbor hood, you wouldn't feel comfortable letting your child play out side. If you move into a good area, your children will have neighbors and friends to play with.

Secondly, the couple has to consider the size of their house. Buying a two bedroom house may sound convenient and fitting at the time, but what if the couple ends up having more children? Or what if their first pregnancy leaves them with twins !? If the couple is like most newlyweds, they won't have the kind of money to just add on to the house or buy a new one. Living in cramped spaces for five years is not fun. So, it is wise for newly weds to invest in at least a three bedroom house if planning on having children.

Lastly, the condition the house is in is a major factor in buying it. Normally, a house that has some cosmetic issues isn't bad because fixing them will cost you less than buying a house in good condition. However, a house that is standing on its own two feet is expensive no matter what, and most newly weds can't pay it off right away in the first place. If a house has major issues, such as leaky roofs, bad plumbing and rotting woods, it probably isn't a good idea to buy it. The couple couldn't live with these for years, but wouldn't have the money to fix the problems until then either.

Buying a house is a scary ordeal for anyone, especially newly weds. There are a lot of factors going into one major decision. It can be intimidating; to make a decision on something that costs that amount of money. If the couple is hoping to raise a family in the near future, they need to keep some things in consideration. The community they move into will affect both them and their children. The size of their house is also a big problem. They don't want to buy a house that they will outgrow in a few short years. Also, it is unwise to invest in a house that is in poor condition because they won't have the money to fix it in time.

Source by Chuck R Stewart