We bought some raw land in Arizona last year and have been building a home on it for the past several months. I never really realized how detailed the decision can be when having a home built, and we have had to make choices that involve almost every aspect of the building. Most of it has been fun, but some of it has been pretty difficult, and if it was not for the help of the experts, we would probably still be mulling a lot of things over. As far as the interior finishing is concerned, we are blessed to have my uncle, a master craftsman, who will be doing all of the trim and finishing work. When the house is finished, it will look like a palace, both inside and out.

The most interesting choice we had to make was concerning the heating and air conditioning for our new home. I really did not realize that there were so many choices, involving everything from the type of distribution and the kind of fuel to heat and cool the home. Wanting to be as hands on as possible, we talked to some expert heating and air conditioning contractors and got some very detailed information. In the end, we found something that would be the best fit for the house, and were able to keep it right in our price range.

We are now less than a month out from finishing the home and moving in, and we are very excited. When all is said and done, it will be beautiful and cozy all year long.

Source by Graham Pratt