We all know, and most likely are fond of Mark Martin.
He is often a top 10 driver in the Nextel Cup Series.
As well as being a great driver, he's ace in sportsmanship,
and a wonderful person in general. He's really an all-around

With the ability to build, fix, and drive cars with the
utmost class, and respect for his profession, as well as
others, he's known to many as the "Gentleman Racer".
He does his job to the fullest extent, and does not complain,
or make excuses. Reserved and humble, it's hard to tell what
he's thinking sometimes. But by his actions during a race, you
do know that winning is always on his mind. And Mark is
always up to the challenges of his career.

One of those challenges
came about when he raced the # 6 Ford for the last time in 2006.
After a 19 year relationship ended with Roush, he has made his
way into the # 01 Chevy, and a part-time race schedule. He will
be doing 22 races for Ginn Racing in Nextel Cup Series this year.
When asked about leaving Roush, Mark had this to say: "I don't
recall doing anything harder in my life. "and," The new situation
is an opportunity of a lifetime for me. "With a part-time schedule,
he says: "I can just race, and not worry about things."
"I'm living a dream." And to that I say: you keep living that dream
Mr. Martin, and we will live it with you every time you race.

for being a class act driver, and best of luck in all you do.

Source by Night Phoenix