Selling or buying a home can be a strenuous task. Many people opt to go through the entire process with the help of a realtor who already know the laws of real estate, pricing scheme and has a thorough knowledge of the place the property is situated.

Choosing the right realtor is probably one of the most important choices you will make in your life. Nowadays, a realtor is the easiest person you can find. With the economic depression, more and more people are selling their houses, lots, office spaces and many more, which has lured a big number of agents toward the real estate industry.

The following are great tips on how to choose a realtor, whether you are going to sell your house or buy a house:

1. Reference from family and friends is the more effective way in finding a realtor. These people know you better and know your preference, and needs, thus they can guide you to the right person or company.

2. Interview at least three realtors to be able to compare. Ask pertinent questions that could shed light on their background, including license details. Make sure to choose realtor that specializes in the area you are planning to buy a house.

3. Find a realtor who is passionate about selling your home or someone who is sensitive to your needs when it comes to buying a home.

4. Choose the realtor who you can easily get along with and you feel very comfortable around. Keep in mind that you would probably be working with him or her for weeks and even months, so you should hire someone who you feel at ease with.

5. Research on the present market listings through the classifieds section that contain open houses and property listings where you could meet various realtors who can help you.

6. Make sure that the realtor will give you not only the advantages of a certain house but also the disadvantages, if there are.

7. Choose a well-known and reputable realtor. Many people in the real estate industry work part time and may not be entirely committed to your needs.

8. Many real estate agents don't work independently but employed by a real estate company, thus pick a company first, ask them about their code of practice, and ask them to refer you their realtor who will be able to help you with your needs.

Before making a decision, ensure that you compare the marketing materials you were given as samples from several realtors. Find out if they are creative or tacky. Be wary if you notice the following: too good to be true, this house is a steal or better than new. You do not need to hire an agent with many clich├ęs.

A good realtor will be helpful regardless of whether he or she is having a bad day and will be professional at all times. The right realtor would be accountable to you and reports information that might be of use to you.

Source by Sonia C Llesol