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Month: November 2019

Alluring And Thrilling: Cheap Flights To Phoenix

Get ready to get amazed the rugged way that is if you have plans to fly down to Phoenix. A city where real cowboys live, where the desert forms an exotic backdrop to all things intriguing, where you can witness the sky and stars shining brighter and getting bigger and where the sunset is a moment you shouldn’t be spending indoors, that’s quite an introduction, isn’t it? It is time you treaded on the off-the-beaten track, and this city provides you with just the perfect setting for that. Connected by all air carriers, finding a Cheap Flights to Phoenix is no problem at all. A timeless Southwestern ambience is enjoyed not just by family vacationers, but by young couples, lone travelers, students and elderly people. Phoenix is a great mix of urban sophistication and natural beauty. The magnificent mountains are just as much loved and seen as are the modern offerings of the city. A gateway to the Grand Canyon, Phoenix has stood testament to many ethnicities, cultures, traditions and beliefs. The same can be experienced through the city’s many museums, monuments and memorials, places that offer a peek into the glorious past of Phoenix. Likewise, if you’d want to see what creativity in this part of America looks like, visit its many art galleries and exhibition centers, performing arts venues and heritage centers and several points of ethnic...

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No Problem, I'll Deal With Your Replacement!

You've heard the adage, "Don't get mad; get even" haven't you? Well, let's do better than that, shall we? One of the best aspects of being in business for a couple of decades is that you see things from a broader perspective than the novice. You realize the wisdom in a line I first heard from my professor, the famous management guru, Peter F. Drucker: "We don't solve many of life's problems; we outlive them!" And there are fewer things as sweet as encountering an adversary in business, someone who turns into an apparently unstoppable nemesis, whose reign of terror, or incompetence, you survive. For example, I was trying to earn the service training business of a client that was already using me for its telemarketing training. My contact was impressed with another firm, one that had a big reputation and he elected to use them, instead. I asked him why, and he echoed what they told him: "If you got hit by a truck, we'd be out of luck" because at that time, I operated solo. It was a stupid reason to select them, one that was an actually insurable and manageable risk. Anyway, fast-forward a few years, and my client was sold to a larger competitor, so in the corporate sense, it died – eaten by a predator. The manager lost his position. Soon after that, the...

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How Do You Get Your Business?

There is a sweet spot between being smart and dumb that is just right for marketers. For instance, it's well known that salespeople can be too smart for their own good, over-talking, wearing out their welcome, putting feet in their mouths, and not listening enough, or allowing prospects to sell themselves. At the same time, if you can figure out a way of putting more customers on the books, and keeping them there, as frequent flyer and awards programs have, then you can see the payoff for being clever. I've found there is a single question that can help you to find a perfect middle ground, while learning a lot, as well: "Where do you get your business?" Yesterday, for example, I caught up with a client who has his own hypnotism practice. He does a nifty stage act and he counsels individuals, helping them to get more sales and to turn their lives around in various ways. I asked him how he's doing, he said "Great!" and then I asked the magical question about his source of business. "Whenever I want business, I stand in front of a 7-11, walk up to smokers and say, 'I see you smoke' and they say 'Yup,' and I ask 'Have you ever thought of quitting?" and they say 'I'd love to' and then I hand them my card, and it's as...

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Can You Restart Penis Growth After Puberty – Yes You Can – Find Out How With These Natural Tips

I’m going to start off by asking you a question: how would you feel about getting a bigger penis? If you said ‘excited’ and ‘happy’ then male enhancement could be something worth looking into. In the past, many men used to try surgery or pills to try to add inches to their manhood, but over the years these methods have been proven to be largely unsuccessful and quite dangerous too. Some men still want to use these techniques (usually men who haven’t done much research into how bad they are!) but most are now turning to a more natural approach. With this, you get all the benefits of growth without any of the risk. I know all of this because I have personally used these techniques and grown by a massive 4 inches! You could too… How does natural enhancement really work? The truth is, if you want to get your penis growing then you have to restart the growth that you saw during puberty. That means you will need to return your body to the same internal state that it was in throughout this time. It’s actually pretty logical when you think about it – your manhood grow naturally back when you were a teenager so why shouldn’t it do the same again? Well, it can, and all you need to do is apply a little science. The...

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How To Know When Someone Is Thinking About You

Have you ever asked yourself why it is so difficult to stop thinking about someone? We are all psychic in one way or another. When you connect to another man / woman in a deep way, you are connecting with your souls. Most people don't realize how psychic they really are. Everyone is clairsentient whether they know it or not. Being clairsentient means that you have the psychic ability to feel another person's energy and feelings. Now, when you think about someone in a normal way, there is nothing unusual there. Then all of a sudden you feel overwhelmed like you are in a fog and you can't stop thinking about them. Now, stop for a second and focus on where you are feeling the energy. It is usually in the heart and chest area. You've had that funny feeling before. Remember. You just thought it was YOU. What is going on is that you are feeling THEIR THOUGHTS. WHAT YOU ARE FEELING IS WHAT THEY ARE THINKING AND FEELING ABOUT YOU. During the time you are experiencing this, you may feel feelings from extreme sadness, or guilt to feelings of peace or missing someone. Keep in mind you only started feeling these thoughts when you connected to their energy. So know that you if you are feeling great sadness, it will pass. If you are feeling a great...

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