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Month: January 2020

Green Energy Homes – They Are Possible

Green energy homes are a great thing to have. For some people a home of this style would be one that just uses no outside electric, but for others it would be a house that does not consume much in the way of electric from outside sources. I know that for me I would much rather have a home that depends on its own electric generation rather than outside sources and a great way to achieve that is with solar and wind power. Here are two benefits of having a green energy home that produces all of its own electric. 1. Reduces Your Monthly Bills Well this one is fairly obvious to most people, but if you are relying on your own production for your electric then you will no longer have that bill coming to your home. Which if your home is anything like mine can lead to a savings of close to two hundred to three hundred dollars per month. So you can use that money that you save each month to spend on food, entertainment, or other ideas. 2. Not Using Any Non-Renewable Sources With so many predictions coming of future shortages of materials that we use on an almost daily basis you might be wanting to try to save as much of them as possible. I know that if you consider that the sources that...

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Happy New Year, Mind the Gap

The boy and his father stood in the middle of our quiet street. “What are you doing?” I asked. “Throwing buckeyes!” the kid beamed as he and Dad playfully launched two more down the hill. I watched them in the Saturday sun and fell into a gap. The world is full of gaps. Gender gaps. Generation gaps. Credibility gaps. Some shouldn’t be missed, like Ireland’s fantastic Gap of Dunloe. And some, like the one in the London tube, must be avoided. (“Mind the Gap” – lest you find yourself floundering between train and platform!) Ever hear the term gap year? It usually refers to a break taken by high school or college grads that defers enrollment in the next phase of life. Ideally, one uses a gap year to do something completely out of the box: work, volunteer, intern, apprentice, self-study, travel… or any real world offering. The implicit goal is to figure out what you really want or don’t want to do with your life. In January a couple of years ago, our daughter headed off for a travel adventure in SE Asia while our son and his girlfriend headed to Malaysia to teach English there. They each had vague plans for after. But gaps have a habit of transforming those who venture into them and that’s the whole point. I used their departure to ask myself, “Where...

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How To Kill Stink Bugs In Homes That Have Window Air Conditioner Units

Stink bugs are notorious for their persistence when it comes to seeking to gain entry into your house during the autumn months. 1. Stink bugs want to come inside the house during the winter. Have you noticed that the peak season for stink bug infestation problems within domestic households in North America is during the onset of autumn? This is not by mere chance or coincidence. Stink bugs are no different than any other insect or animal that instinctively seeks to escape the harshness of winter either by hibernating or by migrating south. What makes stink bugs stand apart from other insects is in their persistence when it comes to matters of seeking shelter in warm places during autumn and winter. Whereas it is very rare to find bugs lurking about in your house during the winter months, stink bugs are a notable exception. 2. They will seek any means to get into the house. If a stink bug is unable to seek shelter in a warm household during the winter months, it will inevitably hibernate. But during the autumn months of September and October, you will find these little critters to be among the most persistent when it comes to trying to gain entry into your home for the winter. Wherever they can find any type of opening in your house, somehow they will manage to make their...

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