I will show you the easiest way to invest in real estate without investing any money (OK maybe ten bucks) or using any credit. I want to show you how anyone can work from home part time and make money investing in real estate without ever leaving the house.

I will show you how to invest in real estate regardless of the value of the property or the amount owed on the property, just imaging making five thousand or more right away and making a passive income every month. Once again without any money (except maybe the ten bucks) and without using any credit.

Do you have a computer? Do you have internet access? Do you have a phone? If you can answer yes to these three questions you can be an investor, as a matter of fact you don't even need a phone or internet access. If you have a laptop computer and a Starbucks you are in business. OK you don't even need a computer, internet access or a phone if you live close to the library.

Nelson Rockefeller one of the richest men in America and the 41st Vice President of the United States said "The secret to success is to own nothing, but control everything. That statement changed my life as it has allowed me to learn that if you own nothing you don't have all the liability and if you control everything you are the one who makes all of the money.

I have perfected a step by step system that will show you what to do today, tomorrow and every day. You will learn where to find properties without spending any money, without driving around and without making a single phone call. There are so many sellers in the market today that want to sell their homes but no one is helping them, sellers who have nice homes, are not late on their payments but just have not been able to sell their home and are looking every day for someone to help them.

You will learn where to find buyers, they will come to you because you will be helping buyers who have not been able to qualify for bank financing or need a second chance and a fresh start.

You are so lucky be investing in today's real estate market, seller's will come to you begging you to buy their homes paying only their payment and a small deposit and they will give you time to pay until you find the buyers who will come to you begging to buy the home with 3%, 5% or more down plus first payment and security deposit. You will pocket the 3% -5% immediately (I require a minimum of 5k down or 3% -5% whichever is greater).

Now you ask why would anyone sell their home to you without any money and without even asking about your credit?

The last two homes I acquired cost me $ 10.00 each out of my pocket (good faith money) and a $ 150.00 deposit to be paid with the first payment once I had a buyer in place.

OK so what is the secret? Are you ready?

There is no secret.

Real estate investors everywhere have been so busy trying to what is already being done, buying a book or a course of fix and flips, buying properties from auctions and wholesaling the list goes on and on. Here is the bad news 97% of them FAIL and QUIT in the first 90 days.

How many books have you bought? How many programs have you purchased? How many seminars have you attended? You are not alone me too.

The question I had to ask myself was how can I help sellers and buyers in today's market who need help without taking advantage of them or their situation?

Source by Chris Bledsoe