Have you never heard of cold pressed oil? No, yes …. maybe? Well, no need to worry. Many people do not know what it means and honestly … you will get varying responses from multiple sources. Making it slightly harder to define is that cold pressed oils are made differently in other regions of the world.

Here in the US it has become nothing more than a tag line or gimmick. Authentic varieties are manufactured using a technique known as expeller pressing. In short, it means oil is developed without synthetic chemicals. The high temperature varies with the density of the nuts and seeds used for making oil. More heat is required for nuts and seeds that are denser as opposed to softer varieties that do not require as much heat.

In European countries, rigid regulations are applied to manufacturing cold press oils. The high temperature varies with each oil variety but in general is somewhere in the range of 80 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

The main take away here: cold pressed does not equal cool temperature. Instead, it refers to a degree of low heat. This is what divides cold pressed oils from traditional heavily refined varieties. High heat methods are used in these normal oil types.

These organic oils are better

Yes. The benefits do not lie. Organic oils provide numerous health advantages. Another positive is that the flavor is far superior to regular cooking oil. Greater heat during manufacturing means that nutrients get stripped away and unhealthy additives are created. This is the case with products like margarine or cooking lard. One of the biggest benefits of pressing at low temperatures is that oils maintain their inherent healthily qualities.

Popular Varieties

Depending on the intended use, extra virgin olive oil, sesame seed, and even grape seed oil are among the largest sellers. Many users experiment with several varieties to leverage health benefits and also to enjoy the wonderful flavors these oils provide.

Alternative Cures

Many people have discovered natural cures from the use of organic oil. Oil pulling, practiced by "pulling and swishing oil" in the mouth, has been credited with curing allergies, lowering blood pressure, and whitening teeth.

Regardless of your intended use, remember to look at the label and read carefully. There are many imitations on the market. Do not settle for unhealthy oil … remember cold pressed oil is made using low heat.

Source by Ralph Phoenix