What would happen if you accidentally cause a fire and it spreads to neighboring condo's?

It is very common for most Condo owners to under-value their belongings. But before you do, make a detailed list of the major items in your home and spend a little quality time placing current value on those items.

For example – that refrigerator or stove will likely cost more to replace today than they did originally. Use current values ​​when estimating how much coverage you need.

IMPORTANT: On a Condo policy you also have to purchase protection to cover your window coverings, flooring, cabinets, sinks and toilets, paint, lighting, appliances. You can see how the total can add up quickly.


Most Condo owners mistakenly believe that their associations policy will absolutely covering everything else. Once in awhile, particularly when rates have gone up, associations will sometimes sacrifice a good policy in exchange for lower rates.


Most condo owners have never considered the fact that their association policy could have a gap, or a massive deductible. Guess who gets to pay for those gaps or that large deductible? That's right. You and your fellow owners.


When buying Arizona Condo Insurance ask your agent about adding Loss Assessment Coverage. It's usually very cheap to add but gives you added cushion / protection against a master association policy that has gaps or big deductibles.

Besides your Condo policy, buying Umbrella insurance coverage is very important.

Consider getting a quote from an Independent Insurance Broker. They will shop around with various Condo carriers to seek the best rate for you.

In Arizona, the number one insurance broker is Choice Insurance of Arizona.

Source by Gary Brown