Modular Homes Are Hot

While early modular homes were widely considered only a short step up from mobile homes, the past two decades have seen such advances in modular home technology that modular homes are now equal in quality to traditional stick built ones, and far more affordably. Modular homes are so hot, in fact, that their sales growth his now increasing more rapidly than that of traditional homes. In the Northeastern US, known for sever winters, modular homes accounted for ten percent of the new housing market as of 2004!

Not only that, modular homes are available in every conceivable architectural style, and modular log cabin homes are among the most charming of all. But you won’t have to worry about those nasty drafts if you choose a modular log cabin home over a conventional one, because all the shaping and cutting involved in the modules of your modular log cabin home will be done by computer-controlled equipment.

This means that not only will the various sections of your cabin fit together with air-tight precision; there’ll be almost no wasted materials left from their manufacture, and paying for a minimum of materials means big savings for you! You’ll also save money on your energy bills, as your draft-free modular log cabin remains snug against those mountain or prairie winds.

Constructing Your Modular Log Cabin

After multiple factory inspections, the 4′ x 8′ modules of your log cabin will be shipped to your building site, where you will have a pre-poured foundation waiting. They’ll be crane-lifted from the shipping trailer and fastened onto the foundation, and to each other, with special fasteners, which should take mo more than a couple of days.

The modules will contain all the insulation, electrical wiring, plumbing, and cutouts needed for finishing work to begin. Because so much of the labor normally done by subcontractors is already complete, you modular log cabin can be ready for you to move in and celebrate with a big country housewarming in only two or three weeks.

The logs used in your alaska modular home log cabin will actually be made of imitation half-log siding, constructed from roughly hewn wooden sheets into which slices of logs have been embedded to appear like whole logs stacked together. Or if you prefer, you can have natural half-logs attached to the exterior of your modular log cabin home’s modules.

Either way, you’ll have that wonderful frontier look without any of that frontier life discomfort!

Source by Thomas C. Hose