There are many changes that will be happening in the Big Ten Conference over the next few years. The biggest change that hit the news a few months ago was the adding of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The Cornhuskers are leaving the Big 12 Conference to join the Big 10 Conference starting in the 2011 season.

Some people are torn about what this will do to the rivalries that have been known for many years including the Ohio State Buckeyes vs the Michigan Wolverines. The big game between these two schools is played on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and will be hosted by the Buckeyes in 2010 in Columbus, Ohio. Ohio State is ranked number two in both the Coaches Poll as well as the AP Poll for the 2010 season so this should prove to be another exciting season.

The Big Ten has spoken to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish about joining the conference but have not been successful in their attempt. The two schools have talked over the past few years about the entry but Notre Dame decided to stay on their own and not to join into any conference at this time.The Alabama Crimson Tide is thrilled with being ranked number one in all the polls for this season and will try to stay atop their opponents in the SEC Conference. With 22 SEC Championships they have made a name for themselves in the SEC Conference, the Coaches Poll and the AP Poll.

In the Pac 10 Conference there will be some rebuilding that will be going on throughout this season especially with the USC Trojans. Last season was the last year for their long time coach, Pete Carroll who decided to take a head coaching job in the NFL. The departure of Carroll makes one wonder what was going through his mind when the allegations came up about the team making illegal actions with money a few years prior while he was still their head coach. Today, college football online has become very popular with people both young and old. The sport is growing in popularity every year and seems to be more exciting year after year.

Source by Benny Chikayasu