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Five Reasons Why Short Sales Don't Close

1. UNREALISTIC LIST PRICE – While it's true that a lot of short sales are considered a good deal don't think that you are going to walk in and buy one for fifty cents on the dollar. Banks aren't stupid, they know what the property is worth and what a realistic price should be. An agent that prices a property too low is just wasting the seller's time, the buyer's time, and their own time! Tip – Price your home according to the comps. There are buyers who are willing to buy at or close to Fair Market Value and this increases the chance of closing the deal. 2. FINANCIAL PACKAGE IS NOT COMPLETE – When preparing the financial package great care must be taken to include all required documentation, all the correct information, and even put it in the correct stacking order when sending to the bank. Not having everything is a sure-fire way for your entire file to end up in the trash. Tip – Be sure to include all documentation and provide everything your agent asks for. A good agent will be aware of each bank's specific requirements and can help you prepare a complete package. 3. MISREPRESENTATION – This can happen on the buyer or on the seller's part. Sellers need to prove a hardship in order to qualify for a short sale. Telling Chase...

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Visiting Miami Florida

Miami is one the most flamboyant and seductively interesting areas in Florida. It is located on the edge of the Caribbean, with palm trees and fountains around every corner; it is easy to find your way around Miami when you are visiting. If you are on a family holiday, a week would probably be the most enjoyable and the least exhausting time to holiday there. An even better choice would be for two weeks if you can spare the time! Miami is divided into two different areas, which are Miami City Mainland and Miami Beach. They are both different places which is important to understand for orientation. Biscayne Bay gives both places a separation. Both have got easily accessible attractions, such as streets which range from the posh to the raffish, classy avenues, lovely cafes and bars, a great night club scene, art deco architecture to high rises disappearing happily into the clouds. Miami Beach is a beach to increase your ego with Cuban, Haitian, Argentinian and American clad folk who will welcome you and your family into their home. The many huge sandy beaches around Key Biscayne Island are peaceful and have great city views. Get down to your swimwear and enjoy the sparkle of the waves lapping over you. Attractions in Miami South Beach is the most thrilling area with its amazing colourful Art Deco District Buildings...

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Homes in San Antonio, Texas – A Great Place to Live, Work, and Retire

San Antonio, Texas is known for a lot of things: a major tourist destination, the Alamo and Tejano culture, the city also is the first city in Texas to promote modern art. Homes here grew in demand with the growing job opportunities and diversified economic states with focus on defense, health care, finance and tourism. A home to many military retirees, SA has many other reasons why you would want to move here. It is a great place to live, work, and retire. There are so many things to do in a population of over a million. You can experience many diverse cultures, enjoy many arts and crafts events, listen to great music, and have a good time. A lot of housing construction in San Antonio show an urban appeal as there are new housing designs and new features and fixtures now being used in construction. Residents will have a more comfortable and convenience in their future homes. San Antonio homes are becoming more valuable as the city develops more and more interesting features to residents, potential residents and investors. The city also gives more appeal to home hunters as quality housing widely available for interested buyers. Home prices here are low than many other parts of the country so you can get a bigger home for less money. If you are looking for homes in San Antonio, you...

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An Envy Parable

The forest stood lush and green. For centuries, the place was blessed with every conceivable advantage. It had good rainfall the whole year through. The variety of flora was remarkable. The area was also one of the few places unspoiled by human greed. Thus it was deemed as possibly comparable to paradise. And it was said that all plants there must truly be happy. So an angel was sent down to investigate. "Mr. Wild Plant, are you happy in this beautiful place?" asked the angel. "No, because I have no flower," replied the wild plant without feeling. The angel went to the wild flower and inquired. "Miss Wild Flower, are you happy in this cozy, comfortable forest?" "No, because I have no fragrance," answered the wild flower. "Look at the gardenia out there with an odor that is truly lovely." With that, the angel went to the gardenia to find out how it felt. "Miss Gardenia, how do you feel about your state with such a lovely aroma?" "I am not happy at all because I do not have a fruit like the banana tree. See how heavy-laden it is with ripened fruit," explained the gardenia. And so the angel approached the banana tree. "Mr. Banana, how are you? Are you content with your heavy bunch of fruits?" "I am not content because my trunk is not woody. When...

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Property in Italy – Why Umbria is Growing in Appeal

Many investors who consider buying property in Italy are inevitably drawn to Tuscany. However, its decades of rising prices have seen more and more investors turn their attentions to Umbria, its neighbor to the east. And in truth the allure of owning property in Umbria is understandable almost on a first visit. With good reason the region proudly labels itself The Green Heart of Italy. Umbria, the only landlocked region on the Italian peninsula, has some of the country most beguiling rural landscapes within its borders. It measures just over two million acres, yet a third of it is made up of scenic woodland that takes in no fewer than seven nature reserves. This is a region that has retained an unspoiled charm, boasting a series of lovely medieval towns that appear to have been unchanged for centuries – Perugia, Assisi, Spoleto, Spello and Todi to name a few. The region's centuries of history seem to seep from every cobbled step and church facade in these towns and villages, which are close enough to one another to be explored in one fell swoop, even on a relatively brief visit. In addition it is not besieged by the millions of tourists who flock to Tuscany and consequently is all the more delightful for it. So it comes as little surprise that Umbria is arguably the second most popular region, behind...

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