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Author: mandmweb

Shadows of The Phoenix

For years now we have been reading about the “end of days” in the different media sources. People seem to be drawn to them and fascinated by these stories of doom. What in the world could be the underlying causes of this preoccupation of death unless it triggers our senses of being present with our aliveness. The energy of mass consciousness around the world is becoming increasingly noticeable of intuition and increasingly aware that something better is about to be born in the world. The more I read these articles and stories, the more they begin to carry a kind of numinous attraction to the symbol of the Phoenix Bird. The highest symbol for rebirth and transformation across the world in all cultures. We as human beings are living in the shadows of the Phoenix symbolization at this point in our history. Within our spiritual guidelines of religious beliefs we are being ushered to a higher purpose behind our lives, behind our societies too shallow and materialistic. The era of the Phoenix entails the discovery of an entirely different dimension of life, one that operates solely on integrative thought and spiritual uniformity. Associated with various spirits and elemental beings, this new dimension of life is a sudden elevation of our individual experience. We are transcending the ordinary and witnessing the death and rebirth of nations, societies, and groups of...

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Luxury Homes For Sale

A ravishing home with stunning interiors is a dream of many Indians. Presently most of the people want to live in spacious and comfort homes where they can enjoy all the ultimate and modern facilities. In India, Delhi NCR has been a fascinating destination with many corporate houses, national and multinational companies setting up their offices in Delhi NCR. The high disposable income group working in these companies has increased the demand for luxury homes in Delhi NCR. The demand and popularity for luxurious homes for sale is gaining fast for many reasons. These luxury homes are available with ultimate modern facilities and amenities such as private swimming pool, stylish club, branded shopping center, indoor stadium and many more. In India there are wonderful and comfortable luxury house are available for rent and for sale. Delhi NCR luxury homes for sale are usually purchased by non-resident Indians. Imagine a house of your own that looks like a page from the ‘Inside Outside’ magazine is now possible. South and Central Delhi is considered to be among the most posh and expensive areas in Delhi and NCR region whether it’s commercial or residential. The corporate executives, big business men, well experienced professionals etc prefer these luxury homes. The demand for Luxury homes for sale and rent in India has increased in the real estate Industry. In the recent month, many big...

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Phoenix Bird Artwork

Phoenix artwork entails all information related to the unique Phoenix bird. These include the pictures, drawings and images of this legendary bird. There are also complimentary birds from various regions that are included in this form of art. These regions include; China, Japan, Egypt, Russia and many others. They help bring out the superlative qualities of this legendary bird. Phoenix artwork is also available online. Here one can be able to see the various digital images of the legendary bird and also understand its different qualities. This kind of bird never dies, It always flies ahead to the front side and checks the far landscape. It is a symbol of capacity for vision used to collect sensory information about the environment and the events described within it. It has great beauty which makes intense excitation creating a deathless inspiration. In this kind of art, the various diversities of this bird can be seen. One can also get to know the worldwide beliefs and ideologies about this legendary bird. There are a number of pictures that showcase the uniqueness of this bird. Phoenix art creates an awareness about the unique information on this legendary bird. These can be in the form of clip art, pictures, drawings and wall papers. This Phoenix bird is a symbol of capacity for vision that is used to collect the information that is sensory and...

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Advancing With Us Review

When you first do a search for Advancing With Us you don’t really get too much information, except that the company is fairly new, the founder is a guy called Alan Pariser and the headquarters are based in Henderson, Nevada. However upon doing a little digging it seems that they are a multi level marketing company (although for some strange reason they say that they are not) who have based themselves in the highly competitive health and wellness sector. So what health and wellness products do they sell? Upon delving even further into things, it seems that Advancing With Us are closely related to, or are a subsidiary of Melaleuca. This is a green company who have been in the business of making environmentally friendly products for the last twenty five years and most of their products contain some form of Melaleuca oil. This is a kind of tea tree oil that is native to New South Wales, Australia. The products include everything from household cleaning products to health drinks and snacks. The products themselves are totally natural and do not contain ammonias, bleaches, or pharmaceuticals. To join the company you will need to sell products, and in order to achieve the amount necessary you need to be selling $50 of product per month. The compensation plan runs on a 5 x 7 matrix. This means that you need...

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The Importance Of A Good Hair Salon

Hair care is one of the most important things to a confident person. No matter the background, age or culture women always want to look fabulous and the best way to do that is to have incredible hair. Women of every age want to look stylish and turn heads. As our lives change our schedules may require more of us, leaving less time to be concerned with certain luxuries. Salon visits are the perfect way to keep looking your best, enjoy some “me time” and cut out the frustrations that come with fussing over at-home methods. A visit to a hair salon is also the perfect way to try out new styles without worrying about the outcome. Stylists are trained to meet the needs of each client and specialize in the areas they excel at. With this and the use of professional hair care products they produce the most desirable results possible. At a salon, there is no guess work involved and virtually no chances that the end result will be unfavorable. With the right hairstyle, life becomes more enjoyable and easier to manage. Many people live their entire lives without learning to embrace their true hair type. Just because straight and long styles looks good on one person, it doesn’t mean it’s ideal for everyone. In order to maintain the healthiest, best-looking hair, it’s important to get a...

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