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Author: mandmweb

The Sounds of Service

Highlands Church participated in the 2011 Arizona Cityfest/Luis Palau nieghborhood clean-up project on Sat. Jan. 18th. 100’s of individuals and families went to work in the Coronado neighborhood to help revitalize and repair broken down homes. This video captures just a glimpse of what it was like to be God’s hands and feet on that morning. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona…Highlands Church is an ever growing yet intimate community of Christian believers. At Highlands, you’ll experience passionate, dynamic worship and relevant bible-based teaching from our amazing worship team and one of our 4 gifted speaking pastors. At Highlands, we’re also...

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The Desolate One .

Life is full of surprises , some are meant to make you happy but some are completely the opposite . The 9th of this month has been one of those days with a suprise , a surpise that has made me numb and left me helpless and broken . The day started with a pleasant morning sun and a beautiful weather , and like always I thought it would go well . So as the afternoon came , I packed my camera bag and prepared myself for a cityscape shoot that day . The place where I was to...

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The eight Most Fundamental Flower Preparations

When you see flower arrangements on tables in restaurants, at particular events and even in offices and properties that you stop by, you may possibly consider that they are just arranged that way because the florist believed it would glance good that way. You could not know this but there are really particular patterns that florists observe when they make their flower arrangements. Below are 8 of the most essential flower arrangements you will come across florists making use of for diverse situations: -Horizontal arrangements – these varieties of arrangements are created with the use of shallow containers and use anchor tape as very well as anchor foam to preserve the layout in put. -Vertical arrangements – these are the types that you usually see in vases and jars in towering but absolutely free flowing kinds. -Triangular arrangements – when you discuss about triangular arrangements, you are generally receiving flowers arranged with the use of a shallow vase or bowl with a tall middle flower and other flowers arranged in a way that the remaining arrangement kinds a triangle. -Crescent arrangement – this arrangement takes the condition of a crescent moon with the upper and decrease ends of the arrangement tapering and curving inwards to kind the crescent condition. -Oval arrangement – this type of an arrangement has a thick central bunch of flowers and a slowly tapering prime...

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