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Parasites-How Do You Know if You Have Worms and What to Do About Them

I had a client a while back who had this question for me: “I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting menstrual cramps the last few months and I don’t usually have them. Can you tell me what you think it is?” It was determined, strangely or not so strangely enough, that the cause of those menstrual cramps was parasites! And this isn’t the only disease caused, in part, by parasites. Read on… I recommend for her, and for you, that you worm both your pets and yourselves about twice a year. I’ve tried natural wormers over the years–actually LOTS of natural wormers such as: garlic, cloves, black walnut, cilantro, wormwood, pumpkin seeds, pomegranate, diatomaceous earth, Rascal, Zymex, Vermifuge, several other natural wormer formulas and homeopathics, but nothing seems that effective. I’ve even tried the Hulda Clarke “Zapper” (which does not work by the way, because the voltage of the thing is not strong enough to penetrate the fecal material within the bowels–save your money by not purchasing or building one!) I am sorry to report (as a naturopath) that studies show these herbal treatments are only about 20% effective. The Certified Organic organization says when all else fails, use ivermectin (which is not organic in any way), but have you seen the list of side affects to that particular product? Three pages long! I will say that when a client...

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Does Jelqing Work? 3 Reasons Why Most Men Never Get a Huge Penis Using it and Stay Embarrassed!

Firstly I am sorry for being so direct with my title, but I like to get straight to the point. The reality is, you are here to find out about Jelqing. So does Jelqing work? Also what are the 3 reasons why most guys never get a huge penis using it? OK, I will answer all of your questions as promised. Firstly let me address the first one. In my opinion, yes it does work. However, the more important question should be does Jelqing work permanently? and will it work for you? Now those would be smart questions. The quick answer to those questions would be yes, if you do not make the same mistakes that I am going to highlight below. I am going to break down why most men are likely to not get a huge penis using it. I will provide 3 clear points. My goal for this article is to answer the question – does Jelqing work? Once and for all. Also help you to not make the common mistakes many have before. Here are the 3 points I promised: 1) Frustration: As I mentioned earlier, in my opinion, Jelqing does work. However the first reason why most guys fail to get that huge penis they crave is simple. They let their frustration over take their belief. You see, when you are desperate to increase...

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Things That Stunt Your Growth

If you want to increase your height, it is important to avoid the things that can stunt your growth. Doing so, will help you to squeeze out the necessary HGH or human growth hormone that your pituitary gland secretes thus helping you to achieve your maximum height potential. It is useless to do the things that can help to increase height if you are also doing the things that can stunt your growth. For example, Eating lots of protein foods which helps to increase your height and at the same time eating too much carbohydrate foods is totally useless because those two have opposite effects on the production of HGH. So what are the factors that can stunt your growth? Here are some of the factors that will stunt your height, make sure to avoid these things if you want to grow taller naturally. Let’s start with “Lack of Sleep”. Lack of Sleep: We know how important the “sleep” is when it comes to our growth and development. Our pituitary gland produces the largest amount of HGH during sleep so its just make sense that “Lack of Sleep” will definitely prevent you from growing taller because it only means depriving your body of a large amount of the HGH it produces. So, make sure that you are getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Too Much Carbohydrate:...

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Clement Attlee

Born to a middle class family in London, Clement Attlee studied at Oxford Faculty, and then taught as a lawyer. He went on to handle Haileybury House, a charitable youth organisation in Limehouse, East London. This experience clearly had a deep impact on Attlee, whose political perspectives were formed by the poverty he witnessed in London’s East End, and in 1908, the Independent Labour Party was joined by him. Upon the start of the very first World War, he put on for a Commission and served as a Captain. The reputation of his as a highly effective, efficient leader gained him the rank of Major, a name which would remain with him beyond the military life of his. On going back from the war, Attlee moved into politics, getting Mayor of Stepney in 1919 and MP for Limehouse in 1922. He continued to move up the ranks within the Labour Party, and was elected the leader in 1935, using the resignation of George Lansbury. During the next World War, he was called into Winston Churchill’s coalition government, obviously having the name of Deputy Prime Minister from 1942 to 1945. When a general election was organized at the peak of the battle in Europe, Attlee led the Labour Party to an amazing landslide victory, winning 393 seats to the Conservative’s 213, along with forty eight percent of the public vote....

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The Cuban Missile Crisis

After seizing power in the Caribbean island country of Cuba in 1959, leftist groundbreaking leader Fidel Castro (1926) aligned himself with the Soviet Union. Under Castro, Cuba increased dependent on the Soviets for economic and military aid. During this particular time, the Soviets and the U.S. (along with their respective allies) were entangled in the Cold War (1945 91), a continuing series of economic and political clashes. The 2 superpowers plunged into one of the biggest Cold War confrontations after the pilot of an American U 2 spy plane making a high altitude pass over Cuba on October fourteen, 1962, photographed a Soviet SS 4 medium range ballistic missile getting ready for set up. President Kennedy was briefed around the situation on October sixteen, and he promptly called together a group of advisers plus officials referred to as the executive committee, or ExCom. For nearly the next 2 weeks, the president and his staff wrestled with a diplomatic problems of epic proportions, as did the counterparts of theirs in the Soviet Union. For any American officials, the urgency of the scenario stemmed from the fact that the nuclear armed Cuban missiles have been installed so close to the U.S. mainland just ninety miles south of Florida. From that launch stage, they were able to rapidly reach goals in the eastern U.S. If allowed to be functional, the missiles would...

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