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Arizona Golf Tips

Golfers who want to know where and when they can play golf in some of the most popular golfing places like Arizona, can go online and search for golf directories that provide them with the information that they need. This is...

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Arizona Condo Insurance

What would happen if you accidentally cause a fire and it spreads to neighboring condo's? It is very common for most Condo owners to under-value their belongings. But before you do, make a detailed list of the major items in...

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Is Geothermal Right For You?

One of the biggest expenses for homeowners is heating and cooling their homes. Few people are blessed to live somewhere that is a comfortable temperature year-round. If you are planning to build a new home or to update your...

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The Myth of Menstruation

Concurring with my good friend and brother, Rev. Phil Valentine (metaphysician out of New York), the female menstrual cycle is normal, but NOT natural. As the human body has the innate capabilities to adapt to pathologies,...

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